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On this page you are invited to register to receive NANPA notifications on a variety of numbering related topics. By selecting from the topics listed below, you will receive email notifications of any changes, updates or new information related to the respective topic. The topics are classified as "Non-Geographic Notifications" (i.e., related to the entire NANP) or "Geographic Notifications" (i.e., related to a specific state or NPA). Selecting a non-geographic topic means that you will receive all notices related to this topic. For geographic notifications, you will receive those notifications for the specific location(s) you select. This can include a specific state and/or a particular NPA within a state.

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Non-Geographic Notifications:
INC Guideline Changes - Notifications concerning changes to INC guidelines
Notifications concerning the submission of the NRUF Form 502, updates to NRUF job aids and reminders of submission deadlines
NANPA Newsletters
NANPA Planning Letters
"Other" Non-Geographic Notifications - NANPA process changes, new personnel changes, international activities, report distribution/availability, new forms and tools, NPA Exhaust Forecasts, system maintenance/availability, and client education.
Geographic Notifications:
Code Administration - Notifications of new processes and changes in CO code administration that affect specific states and/or NPAs (i.e. State Specific Utilization Requirements and Jeopardy Planning Letters).
Jeopardy Notifications - Notifications for NPAs going into or out of a Jeopardy or other changes to the Jeopardy status of an NPA. Also includes Regulatory Directives regarding jeopardy procedures (e.g. change in the frequency of a lottery in an NPA).
"Other" Geographic Notifications - Notifications of press releases, regulatory directives and data related to the status of resources associated with state conservation deliberations.

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