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Central Office Code Expedite Process


A code applicant may want/need an new NXX code assignment with an effective date that does not conform to the industry-recommended interval. Currently, the minimum code opening interval is 59 calendar days from the date the "Part 1" Code Request is received by the NANPA CO Code Administrator.

The 59-day interval allows 7 calendar days for request processing by CO Code Administration, 7 calendar days for routing and rating database entry by the code holder's AOCN, and 45 calendar days for industry notification of pending NXX code activity via the inconectiv's Business Integrated Routing and Rating Database System (BIRRDS).

Requests to open a code in fewer than 59 calendar days increases the potential for call blocking and/or billing errors and should be avoided except in emergency cases. If an SP must seek an expedite, the burden of implementation is borne by that SP and does not obligate any other SP to activate the code in fewer than 59 days.

Requirements - Code Applicant and NANPA CO Code Administrator

If a code applicant requests a code be activated sooner than would be permitted under the industry-recommended interval, the following actions are required of the applicant:

a)The expedited 21-day or 14-day Interval activities:

  • In addition to submitting the Part 1 form to the Pooling Administrator (PA) or NANPA, the SP obtains agreement from its AOCN to input the Part 2 data within a specific negotiated time period. This can reduce the AOCN period down from 7 calendar days. The SP must provide written confirmation to the PA or NANPA of the reduction of the 7 calendar days. In the case where a Code Applicant/Holder acts as its own AOCN, the Code Applicant/Holder should indicate so on the Part 1. Doing so will reduce the AOCN period down from 7 calendar days.
  • Then, the SP submits the Part 1 form through the PA or NANPA with the attached confirmation from the AOCN if applicable. When the SP requests to receive the "earliest effective date" on the Part 1 form, NANPA will reduce the effective date to the earliest date without compromising the 45-day code activation interval from the date NANPA processes the request.

b)The expedited 45-day Interval activities:

  • The SP must follow the Network Interconnection and Interoperability Forum (NIIF) procedures to expedite the 45-day code activation process. (For more information, refer to the latest issue of NIIF-008 "Recommended Notification Procedures to Industry for Changes in Access Network Architecture.")
  • On an exception basis, an activation interval of less than 45 calendar days may be requested on the Part 1. Under no circumstances will an activation interval of less than 30 calendar days be approved by the homing tandem operating company or the NANPA.
    • To open a new code, the Part 1 must be accompanied by documentation from the homing tandem operating company that the shorter interval can be met.
    • To modify or disconnect an existing code, NANPA may have a direct role such as entering changes to data on the BIRRDS ACD screen. For disconnects, NANPA has the direct role of entering the effective date of the disconnect on the ACD screen. If an expedite is approved, the expedite information will be entered in the BIRRDS ACD screen as well. When NANPA has a direct role, NANPA has the discretion to grant an expedite without concurrence from the homing tandem operating company. Under no circumstances will a modification or disconnect interval of less than 30 days be approved by the NANPA.

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