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For login and password issues, please contact the NANPA Customer Support Desk at 1-866-623-2282 or via email at You may use the same email address to ask a question or request information. Please include your name and email address.

NANPA Regional Offices
2411 Dulles Corner Park Suite 250
Herndon, VA 20171

NANPA Customer Support Desk
Tel: 1-866-623-2282
Fax: 571-363-3838

NANPA Organization Directory
Name Title Phone Email
Florence Weber Senior Director, NANPA 925-420-0340
Heidi Wayman Manager, Data Management 571-363-3824
Jesse Armstrong Senior Data Analyst 925-420-0342
Cecilia McCabe NPA Relief Planner 925-420-0130
LaShanda Tomlinson Senior NRUF Administrator 571-363-3826
Linda Hymans Senior Manager, Contract Performance 925-420-0345
Tara Farquhar Manager, Industry Relations & Customer Education 925-420-0349
CO Code/Thousands-Block Resources
Name Title Phone Email
Dara Flowers Manager, Resource Administration 925-420-0367
Kevin Gatchell Senior Resource Administrator 925-420-0344
Agnes Rom Resource Administrator 925-420-0129
Margaret Harrell-Simington Resource Administrator 925-420-0346
David Morgan Resource Administrator 571-363-3823
Patricia Soderland Resource Administrator 571-363-3828
Other NANP Resources
Name Title Phone Email
Kirsten Bachar-Perez Manager, Specialty Resources 571-363-3825
Diane Calhoun Specialty Resources/Customer Service Representative 925-420-0368
Jeffrey Galeano Specialty Resources/Customer Service Representative 925-420-0369
Teri Laslo AOCN/Customer Service Representative 571-363-3829
RND Organizational Directory
Name Title Phone Email
Beth Sprague Director, RNDA 571-363-3821
Al Cipparone RND Manager 571-363-3822
John Auerbach RND Administrator 925-420-0343
2021 NANPA Holiday Schedule
January 1st New Years Day
May 31st Memorial Day
July 5th Independence Day
September 6th Labor Day
November 25th Thanksgiving Day
December 27th Christmas

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