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A Guide To The NANPA Website

Here are some shortcuts to web pages that your feedback tells us you use most.

Information for the general public:

  • Area code maps - Select a state and see area code boundaries.
  • NANP resources - Information about the resources NANPA administers.
  • Central office code assignments - Find out what codes are assigned or available for assignment in each geographic area code
  • Area code search - Get information about individual area codes, including dialing plans and pointers to planning letters with split/overlay information.
  • Electronic mailing lists - Sign up to obtain the latest information on area code assignments and other areas of numbering interest.

Information for telecommunications service providers:

Here are some things you will NOT find on this site.

  • Zip codes - information on the correspondence between zip codes and area codes is available through various sources on the web. Find them by using a search engine.
  • Local calling areas - Local phone companies publish tariffs that contain calling rates and free calling areas. Look in the front of your phone directory or contact your phone company to see if they will provide this information to you. Several companies compile the information found in tariffs and sell local calling area databases.
  • Location of an area code/prefix - Applicants for prefix assignments are not required to disclose to NANPA the "localities" that the prefix assignments will serve. Thus NANPA does not have this information. Note that NANPA data does include the rate center, which often provides a clue to the area served.

For answers to the most frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ. If you have a question not addressed here or in the FAQ, contact us.

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