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Vertical Service Codes

Vertical service codes (VSCs) are customer-dialed codes that provide access to features and services provided by local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers, commercial mobile radio service (CMRS), etc. Services invoked by VSCs include call forwarding, automatic callback, customer originated trace, and many others. The format of a VSC is *XX or *2XX (touchtone) and 11XX or 112XX (rotary). For example, call forwarding is activated by dialing *72 or 1172.

VSCs are assigned according to the guidelines developed by the ATIS-sponsored Industry Numbering Committee. To request a new VSC assignment, contact the VSC administrator at NANPA.

Currently there is some inconsistency in the use of VSCs for specific features or services. Assignment of a VSC by NANPA for a particular service or feature should not be considered assurance that the assigned code can be used without conflict anywhere in the North American Numbering Plan area.

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