Area Code Relief Planning

Below are reports and other information associated with Area Code Relief Planning.


NPA Relief Planning Activities Status Report - Provides a monthly review of all NPA relief planning activities.

NPA Relief Planning Trigger Report - Certain relief planning activities may be keyed to the occurrence of a future event or trigger point identified by the industry. This report lists these events and associated activities.

Area Codes Introduced over the Past Ten Years - Provides a list of all NPAs placed into service over the past ten years, to include the location, in-service date, the relieved NPA and associated Planning Letter(s).

NPAs Planned but not yet in service - Lists assigned NPAs that are not in service, to include the anticipated in-service date if known.

NPA and NANP Exhaust Analysis - Provides the current forecasted exhaust date of geographic area codes as well as the NANP.

NPA Database - CSV file containing information about area codes. Database field definitions are available.

Search for Area Code Listings - Provides information about an area code, to include whether it is assigned, the location and in-service date, time zone and basic dialing plan.

NPAs Exhausting in the Next 36 Months - Identifies the geographic area codes projected to exhaust within the next three years and provides a current status of the relief planning and/or implementation process.


Area Code Relief Planning Information

Basics of NPA Relief Planning - A high level summary of the area code relief planning process.

FAQs on Area Code Relief - Frequently asked questions pertaining to the NPA relief planning process.

Planning Letters - Provides detailed information about a specific NPA relief planning effort, to include implementation schedules, dialing plans, test numbers, maps, contact information and other important data.

Jeopardy Procedures - Listing of NPAs in which jeopardy has been declared. Also included are the CO code assignment procedures in effect for the NPA.

NPA Relief Planning and Notification Guidelines - The industry guidelines used for area code relief planning activities. It includes the relief planning process, industry notification process and NANPA's responsibilities.

Industry Consensus Process - Provides a description of the consensus process, which is used in NPA relief planning meetings to address issues and reach agreement.

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