Central Office Code Assignment Activity Records

This page contains links to reports that show the Central Office Code Administration Assignment Activity. All reports are in a Microsoft Excel format. The reports show the true number of assignments and returns, as well as the number of codes protected, unavailable, and available for assignment at the end of the month.

For January, February, and March of 2001 the data shown is "net," due to system limitations as explained in the Year 2000 activity report below.

Report Key and Legend (xls)

Year 2000 Activity Report (xls)
The Year 2000 report shows assignments by month for each State and NPA, with the total codes available and unavailable as of January 1, 2000. Due to limitations of the mechanized system used by NANPA at the time, the number of code assignments shown is "net," that is, the number of codes assigned during the month less the number of codes that were returned or reclaimed.

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