NRUF Resources

Below is NRUF filing information and other related documentation.

Geographic Submissions

  • Geographic NRUF Form 502 — Excel™ form used for reporting utilization and forecast data for geographic numbering resources. Attach the completed Form 502 to an email message sent to (effective 07.01.19)
  • Geo Form 502 Instructions — Instructions for completing the Geographic Form 502.
  • NRUF Geographic Job Aid — Provides information that supplements the instructions for completing and submitting the NRUF Form 502 for geographic resources.

Non-Geographic Submissions

On-Line Submissions

  • NAS NRUF On-Line User Guide — Provides instruction for submitting the NRUF Form 502 on-line via the NANP Administration System (NAS). It also contains directions for updating an NRUF on-line and descriptions of available query capabilities.
  • NRUF On-Line Quick Reference Guide — Provides an abbreviated description for adding utilization and forecast data via the on-line NRUF submission method.

Secure FTP Submissions

  • FTP File Format — This option is intended primarily for reporting entities with mechanized number administration systems that can be programmed to generate the required data. Testing is required in order to establish an account with NANPA. Contact NANPA Customer Support Desk at 866-623-2282 to set up an account.

Other NRUF Related Documentation

  • Rate Center Abbreviations — Lists the valid rate center abbreviation associated with a specific rate center when completing the forecast section of the NRUF Form 502.
  • NRUF Common Errors & Fixes — Identifies common errors that users experience when submitting their NRUF Form 502 and the associated solutions.
  • NRUF Preparation Checklist — A list of monthly actions that may be used in the preparation and filing of an NRUF.
  • NRUF Service Provider Training — NRUF training presentation used in the most recent service provider training session.
  • NRUF Training Videos — NANPA offers videos that provide an overview of the NRUF Form 502 and the online submission method.

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